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Increasing Life!

Increasing Life, how does this play into “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles.

In his book Mr. Wattles expresses his thoughts on man’s “holding onto the last vestige of the old idea that there is a deity whose will is that you should be poor; or whose purpose might be served by keeping you in poverty.

God (Intelligent Substance in the book) which is All, and in All, and lives in all and lives in you and me is a consciously Living Substance.  By this nature the Living Substance must have the inherent desire for every living intelligence to have increase of life.
If one looks at it this way, life in the mere act of living must continually seek for enlargemet of its life.

A perfect example of this is say an apple seed is droppped into the ground and then it springs into activity, and in the act of living produces a hundred more seeds, through the grow of the apple tree and then when the right season comes along the tree bears fruit
(more apples in this case) these apples have more seeds, some apples get picked and eaten others fall to the ground split open and the seeds fall out and the start this process over again to where you now have a group of apple trees.

So by this example above we can surmise that intelligence is under this same necessity for increase. Every thought we think makes it necessary for us to think another thought, this in turns leads to other thoughts, and then new facts are learned leading us to want to learn more, or as in my case wanting to have more say in how I live (increase life) by getting involved in Network Marketing, or a Home Based Business, Internet Marketing so that I may live my life to the fullest increase I can achieve.

So we now we go back to how does this fit in with “The Secret of Getting Rich“,   by Mr. Wattles; when he stated that God wants us to be rich, Meaning the One Substance. (God) desires to live more in you; hence it wants you to have all the things you can use. By being Rich, can better express himself in you and you can better express yourself for him. So can getting involved with Network Marketing, or Internet Marketing be another venue to help increase ones life?

Mr. Wattles goes on to say that being Rich is not meant for us to just strive and desire Wealth so that we can have it to fulfill our own selfish desires and wants. You want to be Rich so that you can really live in full inside of the increase of life. Don’t get rich to just fulfill sexual pleasures, or animal desire or even merely for mental pleasure and for only the good of others (your salvation of mankind rather than God’s salvation.)


There is still more to add to help us increase our lives as we continue on the next blog with the last part of this chapter. So my closing thought for today is brought right out of this chapter, from “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles.




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