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Twist of Fate- feels like Deja Vu to Me!

Twist of Fate- feels like Deja Vu to Me!


Well here it is I have done most of the work on my new website due to the fact that the hosting company I have been using deleted my old personal blog site when I was late with a payment, I have since then had to start over and build a new on but now I can make it better.

But to get into my blog post today, as I write this post I am again in the mist of a situation within my life, where in the middle of last year I was let go of my job that I had been with for 4 years.

So your probably wondering where the Deja Vue comes in well as you continue to read below, this is from one of my blog post on another blog I have, but haven’t really been doing anything with but I am again going to some of the same similar issues I went through before but in this case on a deeper level.  So check it out below




Well today I found out that I need to have my exhaust pipe replaced. Its going to cost around $600 to do this and I don’t really have that kind of money, as I’ve was terminated from my job in 2010 and then got unemployment and worked part-time until may and then started to work at a convenience store. Then in October of 2011 found a regular accounting job that paid a really good salary. I got let go of that in January of 2012 at the end of my 90 day probation due to not working out on either side the way each had thought it would. I worked my seasonal job again with a major tax preparation company and now am unemployed again and looking but these things always seem to happen at the wrong time. I have to admit my faith seems to keep getting tested as I had other really major cost on my car that led me to really tough financial times while I was going through all I went through about. I have since started moving into the area of on-line network marketing and social media management, but this has not fully taken off yet as I just started with this and still have a lot to learn about how to make myself profitable, just by blogging and doing a couple of other things.

I am post this past post to try and make a point, all this time I am still moving and fulfilling my dreams, now some of you may ask how long have I been doing this and I have been doing to for a long time, but I am a step closer to realizing my dreams then I was yesterday. Like the image above, my circumstances are giving me a direction to go!


Make it a Simply Simple Day!




Dan Sisseck


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