opportunity monopolized

Is Opportunity Monopolized?

Opportunity Monopolized?

 Wallace Wattles, Author of the book “The Science of Getting Rich” asserts that this isn’t true.I on the other hand, believe that in this day and age that this perception maybe true. If you paid attention to what I just said you would’ve realized that I said “I believe that this perception is true”, but is it? After reading the 3rd chapter of his book, I began to realize and better understand what he was saying about

Mr. Wattles at the beginning of the third chapter says that “No man is kept poor because opportunity has been taken away from him; because other people have monopolized the wealth and have put a fence around it.” What he is trying to convey here is that if we take the time to look around and see what is going on in the world of ecomomics for lack of a better word, we will see that there is a host of opportunities waiting to be discovered. As an illustration of what he was speaking about he talks about how at the time of the writing of this book (which happens to be over 100 years ago) that it may be hard for one to get great control of any one railroad system, but that the electric railway system was wide open, that within a but a few years that traffic and transportation through the air will become a great industry,(wow what vision) but he looked around and opened his eyes to the possibilities that could be or the proverbial “What If“?

monopolized opportunities

Now does this mean that people won’t still feel like this doesn’t pertain to them (myself included for a lot of years) that they don’t have the opportunities that others had. I believe yes as I stated before above, but in this next part of chapter three I think he expounds on why this isn’t necessarily true. If you are a workman in a factory, there is little likelihood that you will work you way up to become the owner of the plant someday, yes on rare occasions this has happened. But Wattles says next had a profound effect on me as he points out, that if you will commence to work in a Certain Way, you can soon leave the factory and buy a small farm to produce food to be harvest and sold to be resold in the store and markets, into other areas, and right now Network Marketing and Home Based Businesses are growing and building due to people realizing that no one truly has a “Monopoly on  Opportunities” but that there aren’t really a lot of “Normal Opportunities” out there right now for people to take advantage of.

So as a wrap up for today’s blog, I want to help others understand that the old saying: “That we are our own worst enemy” alot of times we don’t force ourselves to get outside of our comfort zone and try to see what is possible, because of where I’m personally at financially, I’m being forced to look outside my box and definately outside of my comfort zone to what is possible. This is where I know that over the last few years I seem to keep coming back to Network Marketing and Internet Marketing. I believe that God has led me  to where I’m at now. So if we look at what Mr. Wattles states in his book “Traffic and transportation through the air will be a great industry” I believe that our of our biggest and best industries is yet to come and it will sore just as the Air industry has and that is Network Marketing and Home Based Business building.



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