What Drives You? – Not your car!

What Drives You? – Not Your Car!


So today I am sharing a quick video about my thoughts on this subject, over the weekend I had the opportunity to the Pastor that was visiting our church give his sermon. Check out my video below!

He was talking abut several different things in regards to our church and the circumstances we are dealing with, and it was during this, the he made the statement about most of us wanting to keep our past in the past and not let it define us, but he said that we shouldn’t try to blot our or not recognize our past, but embrace and and use it as a means of driving us forward.



So in this I put forth to¬† you what do you think about this statement? I believe that he is right we can’t change our past and it is part of you makeup but that doesn’t mean we should just go on and try to act as if it not a part of our DNA so to speak, but use that as a catalyst to help propel us forward to new and better heights to our better selves that we want to be, in order to be of move service and value to our fellow man,

So what are your thoughts and view on this idea? I would love to hear what you think.

So make it a Simply Simple Day!!!



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